Copy Pro Traders is a crypto trade execution platform for Professional and Non Professional Traders.
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Professional Traders can easily manage and execute trades with our proprietary software. Through the power of Social Trading, non-professional traders can easily and automatically make the same trades as the pros they follow.
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Copy professional trader’s orders automatically!

With the development of social trading, you can trade crypto by copying professional traders automatically. Browse our Pro Traders and choose one that fits your style and goals!

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Join us now to connect to real trading automatically. Everything you have ever wanted in a crypto trading platform while you maintain 100% control of your assets.
How It Works

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You’ll need a referrer in order to join. Ask the person that told you about us for their referral code or do a web search to find one

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It only takes a minute to join and your referral link will be live.


Copy Pro Traders

The onset of social trading is a game-changer. You can take all of the same trades as the pro traders and optionally make referrals along the way.

Direct Referral Commission $21 in BTC

For each $99 subscription that you sell / refer you receive a $21 commission known as a Direct Commission. It is also paid upon subscription renewals each month.

Indirect Commissions $7 in BTC

Once you have referred your second customer, you can receive referral commissions on 7 generations of customers. We payout $7 indirect commissions on generation 2 through 7 of referral subscriptions. Of course, this includes monthly renewals too.

Top Affiliate Infinity Bonus $10

This additional $10 bonus is paid out to Affiliates that qualify by sponsoring 15 Affiliates personally that have each referred at least 5 customers. It is given to the first Top Affiliate in the line of referral sponsorship. It is possible to receive a Top Affiliate Commission in addition to a Direct or Indirect Commission from the same subscription payment. That could be a whopping $31 per subscription. There is 1 Bonus paid per subscription to the first Top Affiliate we come across, even if they are beyond the 7 generations. This means a Top Affiliate could potentially override hundreds (or more) generations with a $10 per-subscription-bonus.

Missions of Love

We are more than just a crypto company. A significant portion of the revenue goes directly to address the world’s most needy people. We contribute to ending child hunger, building children’s hospitals and mental health. Every subscription helps create a better world.